Storage solutions – questions and answers

Storage solutions – questions and answers

Have queries related to storage solutions Dubai? Don’t worry because all your queries regarding the storage solutions are about to be solved below by the questions and answers discussed. Go ahead and read them.

What kind of services does the storage solutions Dubai give?

The storage solutions give services related to household storages as well as related to business storages. Look here the various kinds of sizes for temperature controlled as well as standard choices of the storage units and then choose the one according to your requirements. 

Do storage solutions give moving trucks?

Of course, we do. The storage solutions would be very pleased to give correct equipment and apparatus for the person moving. Prior to the day of your shifting, you should call us to make sure that the required vehicle is available for your task.

Does storage solutions sell boxes?

Yes, of course. The storage solutions contains a huge range of boxes as well as other packing stuff which you can buy according to your requirement. These stuff comprise of tapes, covers of the mattress, bubble wrap, etc. and all these things are available at reasonable prices. For more details, you can call us.

What security and safety measures are taken by the storage solutions?

The security and safety in the eyes of storage solutions is extremely important. Due to this, cameras are used by the storage solutions as to take proper security and safety measures. Camera are places at the entrance as well as at the exit. They are also placed in areas surrounding the storage facility. The cameras tape all the activities going on the entire day to make sure that the belongings of the people are secured.

Can you do the payments online?

Yes, you can. Go to the website, sign up and you will can easily do the payments then from any place you want and from any device you have. Just make sure you have a good internet connection so there is no interruption while making the payments.

Will a lock be given to you on the leasing of a unit?

We are afraid that you won’t be given a lock but if you really want it then you will have to buy it from the office of storage solutions.